Saturday, August 7, 2010

Point Of View

After graduating from Georgia Tech and working as a health physicist for about five years, I found myself more interested in what the software developers I was working with were doing than what I was doing. Around this time, my wife was graduating and received a good job offer from a company in Iowa and my employer was in the process of going bankrupt. This turned into a good opportunity to go back to school to study computer science.

My first semester back, I signed up for a discrete mathematics course which a professor at Iowa State University named Jack Lutz. Dr. Lutz possessed, and I suspect still does, a particular teaching skill that I admired. When a student would ask a question, Dr. Lutz would think for a moment then begin questioning the student until he understood how this student was viewing the current topic. He would ask some question to validate that he understood correctly, then he would answer the student's question, directly addressing the points necessary to impart understanding.

I have always wanted to develop this skill, but I don't think I have at this point in time. I was thinking about this, however, and I was thinking about some discussions in which I would like to engage some Protestant friends regarding Christian faith, in particular Catholic faith. It finally dawned on me that this is an area of discussion in which I do have understanding of a point of view different than that which I currently hold.

I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Through a series of events with details probably best left for another discussion, I left the Roman Catholic church and attended Episcopal, Lutheran and Anglican churches for a number of years. For some portion of this time, after accepting the Lord back into my life, I fully embraced some beliefs common to most Protestants. With some time examining my faith, I found my beliefs changing and myself drawn back to the Roman Catholic church. I am what one seminarian I once spoke with referred to as a Catholic Revert.

I would like in the future to discuss various aspects of the Catholic faith with this perspective in mind, particularly in the context of my own faith journey. If in doing so I can help bolster some Catholic's faith, or help some Protestant to better understand the Catholic position, then I believe it will be time well spent.

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